Connected But Still Lonely

Connected But Lonely

Technology and Its Wonders

Truth to be said, technology these days has its good and bad.

I am a Technology junkie myself.
I love customizing  my phones, my devices and such my way my style.
The beauty of technology make most of our daily things possible.

I do not need to say much. You know what technology can benefit every day users like you and me.

But when it comes to dating or relationship, things can go a little bit, haywire.
And sometimes out of control…

Technology is just a Tool

Texting, Twitter, Facebook, Google+  and other types of Social Networking,
are great tools for helping you push relationships along in the interim…

However, they are just that.


They are not to be use as the main ingredient to create social connection with other people.

Look around you.

How many people you notice are looking at their phones during your bus or train ride?
How many people you notice are looking at their phones while walking from one destination to the other?

I want you to take note of this.
Take note of how many of us human being rely or glued to our devices that make normal interactions seems awkward or a hassle to some.

Are You A Techie Slave?


Just the other day when I had a meetup with a lovely girl, while we were chatting up, laughing and sharing our thoughts and such in one of the ice cream cafe in beautiful sunny Singapore along Orchard Road  (you do not need to know what we were talking about. lol), I do take a look around our environment and noticed.

There is a couple (I presume), sitting opposite of each other,
eyes transfixed to that tiny little evil meanie device in their  hands, scrolling or typing away whatever simulating experience it is in there.

Damn it.
Where is the beauty of REAL TIME conversation?

Courtesy of

‘Dude! That beautiful girl is in front of you man!!
Snap her out of her thoughts! Bring her into your world. What are you doing with that iPhone?
What is iPhone anyway?’

And a few days back, as I had meetup with my buddies, even though we were talking, our hands are holding onto our phones.
Some typing away, some scrolling through whatever it is in that phone( I presume it’s not Porn. Gonna be awkward at that moment).

That little device is a devil.
Even I, had to force myself to shove that phone into my pocket. Out of  ‘thumb reach’. Out of sight.

It can be annoying when the girl or guy you are meeting up is focus on her/his device but not you.Wake her/him up to reality. And that is your mission!

Master Communication

We shouldn’t be using technology as a foundation in our every day communication or interactions with people.

Tell me, do you have sex with your partner on the phone? (Phone sex is another story)
How does it feels like kissing him/her through the phone? (Come on. Tell me!!)

Nothing can substitute the beautiful authentic actual human touch.
Nothing can substitute the excitement when you meet a person Live and having a stimulating conversation with them, especially when you want to be a Master Communicator.

I came across this great great presentation from Sherry Turkle about modern day communcation and it’s disastrous effect and I wanna share it with you.

I appreciate your comments, likes and sharing with your friends.
Shoot ’em out below!

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See you on the next one!

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