The difference between Men and Women (Part I), Logic VS Emotions

If you take a moment and really listen to how women speak – how they TALK to each other – you might start to wonder why they go on and on about the topics they do.

  • Drama with friends.
  • Gossip at the office.
  • Who’s dating whom.

The kind of stuff most guys could care LESS about. Why do women like talking about these things so much?

What’s worse is, when MEN ‘try’ and talk to women, they often end up BORING those women out with details about their jobs, hobbies, and accomplishments. (DAMN!)
The very thing that men find most fascinating to learn about other men; which women don’t.

In this Exclusive 2 parts series, I am going to share with you the differences between Men and Women.
In this Part 1 edition, Logic VS Emotions

Why is it that what’s so FASCINATING to men is so BORING to women,

and that what’s so FASCINATING to men is so BORING to men?

Think about this.

If you ask most men why they made a decision to do something, they will often give you a list of reasons: eg.
the numbers added up,
the timing was right,
the opportunity was exactly the one they’d been looking for.

But if you ask the same question of most WOMEN, their answer tends to be quite different,
and far less exact:

“It just FELT right.”

It felt right.

Women talked about FEELINGS!

Men don’t talk like this, usually. Women on the other hand quite often DO.

What’s the difference, and why do men and women describe things so differently, and like such different things?



As a man, you tend to view the world through lens of logic. Things happen because a chain of events led to them happening. Results are the fruit of your sweats, and people like the things they like because of chemicals in their brains.

Women don’t think like that though.

From the eyes of a woman, the world is colored quite differently. (Interesting huh?)
Because women view the world not through the lens of logic, but through the lens of EMOTION.

Things happen because they were meant to happen.

Results are determined by fate or destiny.

People like the things they like because that’s just who they are and no one can change it.

This is true for ALL women… the way they think, act, and process their environment is determined not by logic, but by the way they FEEL.

As it turns out, the emotional mind is quite different from the rational mind. On the surface, they both do basically the same thing:  they process information and make judgments on what they see and experience.

But there’s a difference.

Rational Mind vs Emotional Mind

The rational mind is able to analyze itself – where its thoughts, decisions, judgments, and impulses come from.

The emotional mind, though, is not – it sends out signals WITHOUT conscious thought.

Women tend to rely on their emotional minds more than men do.

Men, to be sure, rely on emotions a great deal as well – all of your hopes, dreams, ambitions, frustrations, excitements – they all stem from your emotional mind, not your rational one.  Your rational mind may help shape and nourish those feelings, but ultimately they come from your emotional brain.

But because women are viewing the world in a different way – and because they’re looking for different signposts than men are – they RESPOND to things differently as well.

Logical stuff is boring and tedious.

Emotional stuff is CAPTIVATING and RIVETING.

In other words… what I’m saying is…
if you’ve been trying to talk to women by talking about facts and accomplishments, you’ve been doing it all WRONG.

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I’ll see you guys on Part 2!

The Difference Between Men and Women; How To Make Women Feel (Part 2)  [UPDATED]

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