The Difference between Men and Women (Part II); How To Make Women Feel

This is a continuation  from last post : The difference between Men and Women (Part I), Logic VS Emotions

In today’s post, I would like to share with you about tapping into women’s emotions.



How to make women ‘Feel’


When you talk to a woman, the side of the brain you want to tap into is the EMOTIONAL side.
You want to make women FEEL.  You know what I meant. Heh.

In fact, that’s actually the question women ask themselves when deciding what they WANT with you:
What is it you make them feel?

Lots of guys prefer to play it safe, tiptoe around women and try to be harmless, unthreatening, and inoffensive.
Women feel NOTHING around these guys. That’s why women WANT nothing FROM them.

Men who play it safe try SO HARD to avoid making a bad impression that they FAIL to make a good one, too.
Too safe.

A woman may end up using those “play it safe” men for drinks and dinners and help moving their furniture, and perhaps as a shoulder to cry on when a bad boy rips her heart out… but… that’s usually about it. Nothing else.

On the other side of the spectrum you’ve got the ‘bad boy’.

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The Bad Boy

The man women feel challenged around: they FEEL frustration, intrigue, confusion, excitement.
They have trouble figuring the bad boy out.

What does he want?
Does he like her?
Is he going to do something with her?
Can she tie him down?
Or is he going to be a wild, untamable stallion FOREVER?

The difference between those two kinds of men comes down to what they make women FEEL.

A man can talk to a woman about love and relationships and sex and whatever until he’s blue in the face, but facts and logic does not make woman excited.

(Read my previous post; Part 1 : Logic VS Emotions)

Lock on Feelings

If he forgets to make her FEEL when he discusses those topics, she will eventually be in search of a man who WILL give her those emotions she needs.

What then is an aspiring Casanova to do?

The secret of course is: FOCUS on FEELINGS.

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How To Have a Conversation with women

When you’re talking with a woman, pay attention to what you’re doing:

  • are you telling her things that charge her up emotionally
  • that make her feel
  • that wash her mind in sensations of danger, excitement, arousal, pain, pleasure, hope, mystery, challenge, wonder?

Are you?

Let’s give you an example.

Think about your favorite movies. I’ll give you a few seconds…

Got a few in mind yet? Okay. Great.

Now let me ask you this…

Of any of those movies you just pinned as your favorites – ANY of them – are any methodical, fact-filled, emotionless pieces?
No! Of course not!

No matter how informative, emotionless movies are just plain DULL!! You with me?

Whether you like action movies, adventures, drama, sports movies, or romantic comedies (you watch the last one? heh heh heh.), the movies you like best are the movies that make you FEEL.

Feelings Feelings Feelings

Emotion, fear, hope, excitement, frustration… and, at the very, very end, satisfaction.
(*Bad Boy Notification: note that satisfaction always comes last.
That’s why it’s best to keep a woman guessing if she’s got you or not right up to the end; otherwise, she’ll feel satisfied that she has you and the challenge and excitement disappears.
Kinda like a movie dragging out after the real “ending” has already occurred.)

Once you understand how vitally important it is to make the women around you FEEL, of course, the next thing you need to tackle is HOW to make them feel. You know you have to do it… but how?



There are, it turns out, certain words you can use to literally TRIGGER emotion in women.
To make specific emotions rise up inside of them and burst through into their consciousness.
Triggers get a woman to FEEL a certain way.

Using these strong words that are laden with meaning or sensation evoke emotional responses from women, sometimes powerfully.
To get an idea what I mean, think about words like:

– Feel – Excite – Arouse – Pleasure – Pain – Love – Hate – Like – Warm – Cold – Hot – Heat – Moist – Wet

I’ll give you an example:

You are having a conversation with a woman and she says: “It’s nice when you wake up in the morning and the sun is coming in through your window.”

Pretty plain and vanilla-flavored, right?

But now what if instead she says:
“You know what I absolutely LOVE, is that FEELING you get when you wake up in the morning and WARM sunbeams are streaming through your window, HEATING you up and gently rousing you from sleep.”

Same meaning logically… TOTALLY different meaning emotionally.

She’s just done a very good job of making you FEEL what she’s talking about.
THAT is what you want to be doing. All the time. With EVERY woman you talk to.

Triggering her emotions

That’s how you get her to want you, and that’s how you get her to think about you when you’re not there


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Fact about women and you

Fact of the matter is, women FORGET most of the logical conversations they have with you.
What they remember is what they FELT around you.

Do look at your own interactions with women, you will see the same thing: most of the conversation you probably forget, but you DO remember how you felt around a girl: excited, nervous, bored, curious, hopeful.

Whatever you felt around a girl, that’s how you remember her.

The SAME EXACT THING happens with the way women remember you: it’s all about how you make them feel.

One of the most CRUCIAL things I’ve realized is that ANY guy can “switch on” attraction in a woman if he knows how to trigger the right emotions in her.
And what I found was that it really isn’t that difficult.
You just need to know the right way to inspire women to feel those emotions.

Recently, I had a discussion with a great friend of mine, Carlos X, a World Renown Dating Coach,
whom release a FREE video and more about his program with his insights, tips, instructions, and insider secrets on how to do EXACTLY that:

How to get women FEELING the way they need to feel around you to become ATTRACTED.

I want you to head over here right now and watch the free introductory video that talks about the program :
The Secret Method of the ‘Bad Boy’

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I’ll talk to you soon!



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