Never Say Goodbye

I do have some human being criticizing the messages I put across or share either through my Tweets, Google+ or Facebook. Either they are oblivious or they are simply plain stupid. I do not mind if you have something to say against it. But do it if you have some basis argument to back it up. Rather than just say, “Man. That sounds ridiculous. Don’t talk crap man.”

When I asked, “Have you experience it or done it before?’
“No”, they replied. And then add in, “Because it’s never gonna happen. I don’t believe it’s for me”.

2013 is going to end very soon.
So to all the haters:

Instead of you complaining about people trying to make business or in the journey to make the dating world a better place and fixing personal lifestyle, why don’t you do something better yourself with your life, rather than sit, do nothing and hate?

Alright. To the good stuff…

I have never imagine creating this weblog from scratch. Welcoming you to this world of DatingCharisma with a newsletter e-course series filled with amazing tips, secrets and more all related to Dating, Attracting Women, Life and such. To add on, a  podcast channel (Art of Social Charisma) to share with you all these underground information.

As the journey goes on, I have realised that, it is NOT ALL ABOUT WOMEN we are talking about.
There’s more in life that as you grow, you realised that there are a whole huge greener pasture ahead that you want to grab that  piece of the land. (you get what I say here? Time is 0411 hours as I typed this. I should be sleeping. Caffeine overdrive. lol)

Never Say Goodbye Never Say Die

It doesn’t matter if you listen to Trance/Electro/House or no.
I just want to share with you the beautiful lyrics of this song.
Click Play now below.

You’ll never fly, if you’re too scared of the height
You’ll never live if you’re just too scared to die
Everybody wants heaven… i know

but darling freedom ain’t free, its a long road
You’ll never find your place up there in the sky..
If you never say goodbye.

In short, if you dare not take the risk to achieved the results you want, you will stay stagnant. And be a dodo bird. (not related I know. But I believe in your imagination).
Never give up early. Every journey begins somewhere before you gonna reach that destination. Even that, you don’t stop and keep going… and going.. and going… (you catch my drift beeech)

My Sad Story

Okay. No. Not my sad story we are talking about here.

Your sad story.
Anyone sad story.
It can be my sad story.


Courtesy from

Everyone has a sad story to share.
But who wants to hear  your sad story, every day?
By the end of the week, many will want to get away from you. Why?

You are known as the guy/girl with the sad story.

Every single time you see your friends, colleagues and probably your boss, you tell your sad story.

“I dated this girl. We had fun. Then suddenly things went downhill. She never reply to my text or calls anymore”

“I like this girl. But she regard me as a friend only. Sigh.”

“She talked to other guys. I got insecure. I told her off. She wasn’t happy with it. She ignores me till now”

Think about it.

Will you like to be this way all along?
Wake up!

This is the reality in life..

Take it as lessons in life.
Live it.
Make changes.

Learn how to tackle insecurity.
Discover how to create that spark in dates.
Look beyond women and dating  but more to life.

You will crash and burn one of these days but surely you will stand up again on your own two feet,
necks high.

Just. Never. Give. In.
To life challenges.

Discover Amazing Self Journey here.

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