Does Her Past Matter, Really?

Are you one of these two guys?

Guy A  had met a woman, but was concerned with her past.

Another, Guy B had met a woman, but he was unconcerned with her past.

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Both of them were making a big mistake.
What you say, how could this be?

Either you’re concerned with her past, or you’re not.  Well, actually, the devil is in the details.

Let’s Go Deeper Between These Two

The first guy, Guy A was concerned with her physical past, fear because she might have more experience than him or had done some “interesting dirty things.”

The second guy, Guy B was babbling about meeting “the one” unconcerned about anything she’d ever done.

Both are heading for trouble.

Why is that so? You may asked.

Guy A, was snooping because of his own self esteem issues and hang-ups.

It is not a big deal if a woman has had a robust, physical past, and I believe it’s a fine thing.
Like it or not, every woman you meet has been attracted to, and probably had fun with other men.
Nothing to fret over man.

But what is worth fretting over?


Behavior that is not conducive to a lasting relationship.
Things such as drama, overspending, grudges,  drink and drugs issues, hateful exes, criminal activity etc.
Those are things you want to be concerned with.

Too many guys are hung up on the wrong thing in a woman’s past, concerned about her past with other guys, not concerned enough about patterns of behavior that can wreck a relationship.

Sure, if she’s a cheater, a serial cheater, that’s a concern, but other than that your real problems will come from the other behaviors.

Attraction Spell

Attraction casts a spell on people that makes them temporarily stupid.

It makes one overlook all the things they should be really concerned about and being focus on the things that don’t really matter at all.

Under this ‘spell’  they excuse the bad behavior, make any unthinkable relationship legal.
And then are shocked and confused when the behavior they thought loved conquered rears its ugly head.

I received these kind of questions a few times.
And I gotta address it here.

Should you be concerned with a woman’s past?  Yes, but only those things that will affect you in the future.
Not the unnecessary stuffs.
Most men are concerned about the wrong things.  Make sure you’re concerned about the right ones.
And be concerned about making the right choices.

Your solution is down below. I strongly suggest you take those hands and those fingers and you click on it now:

On to the next one,

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