How To Get Rid Of Nervousness – 2 Easy Ways

It has been a while since I last update this blog man.

Dance practice, recovering from my accident for 4 months and en counting ( I broke my collarbone! gaah!!),New Year Party Event and such.
Man. It was hectic.

Anyways, I am back to share with you guys more tips and secrets in the next upcoming week for the year of 2013!

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Anyways, let’s get on with it with today Exclusive first post for 2013!

A little secret to share with you.

Today’s culture: Everyone(and I meant most of us) are focused on becoming more social, popular, and liked–since all of these personality traits come with many benefits. Why?

Extroverted and Introverted People in General

Extroverted people generally have more friends, fun and success than introverts. They also tend to suffer from loneliness and depression less. ( Interesting ayyy? ) Becoming more outgoing and social is about

  1. living life to the fullest
  2. unafraid to express yourself or go after what you want in life.

Since being extroverted has so many benefits to it, it makes sense to want to get rid of your shyness.

How do I get rid of my shyness?

1, Getting your conversation skills up to speed is one quick and easy way to start becoming less introverted. In particular, you want to start becoming more impulsive in what you say.(I did. wopa!) While there are some situations, like job interviews, where you want to be very careful about what you say (hell ya of       course!), in most you should focus on talking more often and more spontaneously.

  • Never think too much before you speak in informal social situations.
  • If you put too much effort into everything you say, you’ll come across as a try-hard.

By being spontaneous and just letting the words flow, you become easy-going, which is what people like.

Ok. I get it. But I just don’t know what to say with new people around me!

In some situations you can probably already talk to people easily and spontaneously. It could be around your family, your niece or nephew, or talking to a close friend. However, when around people you don’t know well or are intimidated of, you aren’t able to act the same way. Your shyness gets in the way.

How Do I fix that shyness?

2. A lot of the time, this issue can fix itself through gradual exposure.
An intimidating stranger soon become a close friend if you hang around him several times.(Isn’t it?)
By spending more time with people you’ll start to get the hang of talking to strangers.

Believe it or not, how well you make conversation is not a talent you were born with, but a skill set.

Just like riding a bicycle, the more you practice this skill set the better you will become and the easier you’ll find it to be relaxed around new people.

How Do I Lower My Level of Nervousness talking to people?

There are many useful techniques to help you relax.
Relaxation has the effect of demonstrating to your brain that there is nothing to be afraid of in this situations, which makes your brain’s anxiety lessen.
You want that: nothing kills feelings of nervousness and anxiety faster than physical relaxation.

Your relaxation routine should be structured in a way that gets you the maximum results in overcoming shyness. It is not an event… Helloooo~

It is a process. It is more effective to implement relaxation as a new routine rather than try it out one time incorrectly when you are in the middle of a full-blown anxiety attack. Never make your suffer.

It will be the compounding of accumulated change that yields the most substantial results. Set aside some time every day to practice relaxation. This will let you become relaxed when you are feeling at your most tense and nervous around people.

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